The Lies of Infertility

This week is National Infertility Awareness week. The facts of who is affected by infertility is truly staggering. According to

  • 1 in 8 couples (or 12% of married women) have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.
  • 7.4 million women (or 11.9%) have ever received any infertility services in their lifetime.
  • Approximately one-third of infertility is attributed to the female partner, one-third attributed to the male partner and one-third is caused by a combination of problems in both partners or, is unexplained.

Friends, these stats break my heart. Infertility is so hard. It feels downright impossible some days, but Luke 1:37 promises nothing is impossible with God.

Infertility has told me my hormones are crazy and may never right themselves, but God says in Isaiah 53:5, that by His wounds I am healed.

Infertility has made me sick and nearly took my life, but Psalm 41:3 promises God will sustain me on my sickbed and restore me back to health.

Infertility has made me feel weak, but Psalm 27:8 promises God is my strength and my shield. 2 Corinthians 12:9 promises that God’s grace is enough for me, and His power is made perfect in my weakness!

Infertility has made me wonder how I can take one more pill or face one more day,  but Philippians 4:13 promises with Christ I can do ALL things!

Infertility makes me feel like I am not enough, but Ephesians 2:10 says that I am God’s handiwork created in Christ Jesus. This verse also promises that God has prepared me in advance for all the work ahead. We are enough, because God’s grace goes before us.

Infertility makes me feel silent, but Psalm 71:8 says God fills my mouth with praise.

Infertility makes me feel lost, but Luke 15:4-7 tells me that Jesus is just like a shepherd who leaves 99 sheep behind, just to find me. I am never lost, because God always sees me.

Infertility makes me feel shame, but Isaiah 50:7 promises that because the Lord is with me, I will never be disgraced and never put to shame.

Infertility  has made me brokenhearted, but Psalm 147:3 promises the Lord will heal my broken heart.

Infertility has told me that I will never have children, but Psalm 113:9 promises the Lord will give the barren woman a happy heart and many children in her home!!

Infertility has left me lonely, but Matthew 28:20 promises that God will never leave me. He is with me always – the verse actually says He will be with me until the end of time!

Infertility has made me depressed, but Psalms 40:2-4 promises when I cry out, the Lord will lift me out the pit of depression, and will put my feet on solid rock. He will not only lift me out of depression, but He will put a new song in my mouth.

Infertility has made me fearful of what tomorrow may bring, however 1 Philippians 4:6-7 promises when I give all my worries to the Lord, He will guard my heart and give me peace. Jeremiah 29:11 also promises the Lord has a plan for me. It’s a plan that promises not to harm me and is full of hope!

Infertility has made me lose sleep, however Psalm 4:8 says I can lie down and sleep in peace because the Lord will keep me safe.

Infertility has made me wonder if I will ever carry a baby full term, however Exodus 23:26 promises there will be no miscarriage in my land.

Infertility has told me I will never conceive, but God says I am fruitful! The first command God gave Adam and Eve in Genesis 1:28 was “to be fruitful and to multiply”. This command hasn’t changed!

Infertility has stolen so much, however Zechariah 9:12 promises the Lord will restore a double portion!

Infertility has showed me time and time again that God works all things out for good (Romans 8:28).  You may wonder how anything good could come out of something as ugly as infertility, but God has truly used what the devil meant to harm me to change my life and the lives of many (Genesis 50:20).

Infertility has strengthened my marriage. Dan and I have walked through the darkest days together. We have learned how to run to each other during the good, the bad and the ugly.

Infertility has given me a voice and made me influential. This blog was birthed because of my journey with infertility. Infertility has also taught me how to stand up for myself, and advocate for what I feel is right.

Infertility has opened doors and helped to make me brave. I have been given the chance to share my story in front of an audience, which was scary but so worth it. This journey has caused me to open my doors and welcome women into my home to connect and be encouraged twice a month.

Infertility has made helped me become healthy. It’s put me on a journey to learn how to eat and live a healthier lifestyle.

Infertility has brought deep friendship into my life. It’s connected me with amazing women across the nation who I am blessed to do life with. Women who are funny, encouraging and strong. Women who pray for me daily and point me back to Jesus.

Infertility has made me more empathetic. This journey has made me understand deep loss and given me the ability to show more grace. I may not have walked in your exact shoes, but I can relate to deep heartache.

Infertility has made me learn that God is good in all things at all times. He has continued to provide exactly what we need at exactly the right time.

Most of all, infertility has not taken my hope. In Joshua 21:45, the bible tells us ALL the Lord’s promises to the to Israel were fulfilled. Not one promise failed. I know God will fulfill all the promises He has given Dan and I, and because of this… I know we will have children in our home. Infertility will not win!

6 responses to “The Lies of Infertility”

  1. GIRL! These truths are SPOT ON! I love it. I just went down one by one and read them outloud. So powerful. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. 💚💚 yes! Love that!!


  3. This is so powerful! I will keep this in the forefront and declare them! Thanks so much! Amazing!

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  4. So thankful it encouraged you! 💚💚


  5. So beautiful Melissa!! God is bigger than our infertility! He can and will take our brokenness and make beautiful things!!


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