To The Babies I’m Waiting For

My Precious Miracle,

I dream of you all the time. I often wonder if you will have your Daddy’s eyes or my dimples. I wonder if you will be hilarious like your Daddy or stubborn like me? I wonder if you will talk endlessly about sports facts with your Daddy or walk the isles of the craft store with me? Will you be ok with your food touching? Will you have to eat m&m’s color by color?

I wonder who you will be.  I wonder if you will introverted or extroverted? What talents will you have? Will you be musical? Maybe athletic? Maybe a scholar? Will you have a type A personality or will you be more whimsical? No matter what, I pray each day that you will love the Lord with all your heart. I pray that you will find Jesus at a young age, and walk closely with Him all your life.

I pray you will be born “for such a time as this”. I pray that God will use you to speak life to a dying generation. I pray you will be bold in your faith. No matter what you do, I pray you leave a legacy for Jesus wherever you go.

I pray you won’t be afraid. I pray you will always step out of your comfort zone and chase your dreams. I pray you will listen to the heart of God and follow Him when He calls. I pray we can teach you that being brave is always worth it.

I pray you will be kind and humble. I pray you will have a sensitive heart and be gentle to those around you. I also pray you are strong. I pray you will stand your ground and fight for what is right even when it’s not the popular thing to do. I pray you will have a big giving heart.

I pray for your spouse. Yes, even though I haven’t met you yet, I pray the Lord sends you the best spouse.  A helpmate who is also your best friend. I pray together you have the most epic adventures and the most fun. I pray that you put each other first, and love each other more than anything. I pray that when the hard seasons come, you will cling to each other. I also pray you will chase the Lord together. I pray you will push each other to be more like Jesus.

I pray you will never know the heartache of delayed fertility. I pray that when you decide to add children to your home, they come quickly. I pray the Lord fills your home with healthy full term babies. I pray you won’t know the heartache of waiting or miscarrying.

I wish I could promise you that I will be always be the best mother, but the reality is I can’t. I will fail. I will probably lose my cool a few (hundred) times, and I probably won’t be the best example for you all the time. I pray the Lord helps us grow together. I pray you forgive me when I fail. I pray you learn from my mistakes. I pray that you learn how to say sorry and how to forgive through my weaknesses.

I pray the Lord gives me wisdom to parent you well. I pray He gives me the word to encourage you when you have bad days. I pray He gives me wisdom to know when to protect you, and when to let you go. I know there will be days that you don’t like me, days that you don’t like what I have to say, and days that you think I am crazy. However, I pray our home is always a safe place for you, and you never forget I am on your side.

Most of all, I pray that God sends you quickly. We are SO ready for you!!

I love you already more than words can say,

Your Momma

6 responses to “To The Babies I’m Waiting For”

  1. Baby is going to be so happy you did this.

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  2. Baby is going to LOVE this… I did this for our baby and now I’m so happy cause I’ll be able to share at a later date.


  3. Beautiful 🙂


  4. 💚💚 thank you for reading


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