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I have shared in the past how important community is to me. I truly believe when we feel lonely, it’s easier for the enemy to sneak in and whisper lies to our heart. It’s important to surround ourselves with people who can encourage us. God created us for community.

In February 2016, I joined an online support group called Moms in the Making. I expected the group to encourage me in my wait to be a Mama, but I had no idea how God would use the group to change my heart. Delayed fertility is hard. Honestly, some days it feels downright impossible. However, it is incredibly powerful to have women who understand your heart stand next to you and say “we can do this together”. That is what Moms in the Making is about.

However, Moms in the Making is more than just encouraging women while they wait for their babies. Moms in the Making is also about encouraging women to thrive in all seasons of our walk. The group has pushed me to be a better wife, daughter, sister, and friend. The group has pointed me towards Jesus again and again. It’s encouraged me to walk in the joy and abundance of the Lord.

I am so excited to announce, I will be launching a local Moms in the Making group in Springfield, Missouri in January 2018.MITM - Springfield

This group is for all women who waiting to be Mama’s. Are you a woman who has been trying for 1 month or 10+ years? Maybe you have PCOS? Endometriosis? Maybe your husband is dealing with male-factor infertility? Are you trying to conceive naturally? Are you trying to conceive with the help of fertility drugs? Are you seeking adoption? Maybe you are facing secondary infertility? This group is for you!

Moms in the Making – Springfield will meet twice a month in my home. It will be a safe place to share your heart. We will dig into the word together and pray together. We may cry and I promise we will laugh!

If you are in the Springfield, Missouri area… I would love for you to join us!

Springfield, MO Locacl Group

If you would like to join a local Moms in the Making group, but aren’t in the Springfield area check out our website here. There are several local groups launching across the nation in 2018. If there isn’t a group near you, join us on Facebook here.


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